27 July, 2018

Beloved readers,

With a touch of social angle, I intend to influence the world towards understanding of social background differences. I`ve been analysing so far on how distinctions take people more to animosity rather than acceptance. Perhaps that`s why terrorism occurs and people are getting even more suspicious with each other.

As a matter of fact, what people don`t understand yet is about the idea of “positioning” or how if we`re in someone else`s position. Nobody knows how it`s difficult for lower classes to survive for daily life, but also nobody knows how it`s too inundated for business persons to hang on while global economic condition isn`t that positive. The poor blames capitalism, the rich blames workers of being too demanding upon their wage.

Inter-religions problems which most of the time make people feel that their religion is the right one. However, what people in this world don`t understand yet, they should ask more to themselves “what if I were Syrian and pampered with chemical attack? what if I were Americans who couldn`t continue my mortgage? or what if I were Singaporean-Indians who tend to be avoided by Indonesians?.

I believe by putting ourselves in others position, we could understand each other and create better world. One thing to remember is that we couldn`t request our faith, nobody knows why I was born Indonesian, and you were born Americans. Differences were out of mankind`s determination.

Anisa Kirana

*this piece was once submitted as Life Purpose statement to Hive Global Leaders Summit – Boston, 2017.

25 March, 2018

Dear readers,

Some might recognise my work, but most others I believe never heard of me. I`m just nobody – more often work behind the scene; and it never matters. For years, I wrote for others’ purposes which mostly never had my name as single entity – still it was never a huge problem. But it has been idealism debate on my mind towards my path of writing production. I aim to be on my own, to deliver articles in my particular shape.

I altered to simply – a re-start to make you remember the site without complication. Also aiming to be in your top-of-mind to read quality articles.

Taking back my passion to write articles based on interviews with prominent people, my time as Sorotan magazine`s Editor-at-Large circa 2013-2015 has been inspirational. Moments to meet many great figures (including Bob Sadino, Ilham Habibie to Ignasius Jonan) – all resulted to functional articles for Sorotan`s readers in Indonesia, Germany and some parts in Europe.

That`s why it has taken me to launch `Asia Business` column in April to feed more of you with business topics coming at first hands from the right sources. A column that will satisfy your brainy minds presenting business practitioners with thoughts and what they undergo; from Indonesia and other Asian countries.

To initiate, two amazing friends in Hong Kong, Horris Tse and Claudius Lam – have pioneered the column. Who are they? stay put.

Anisa Kirana