Democracy isn`t a Definition

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It`s not something definite to absorb one country`s way of democracy. Past time revolutionary era compared to modern life situations shouldn`t be measured in the same formula; since changes are possible in every phase of developing a solid nation. Indonesia, in particular, has been a challenge for its own domestic affairs and also for foreign countries that deal with.

Inside the country, Indonesia isn`t that easy to handle since diversity and multicultural backgrounds are a leader`s first consideration in reaching one goal. Such consideration is also needed to be overviewed by foreign parties, if they wish to connect and survive towards interaction in Indonesia.

Diverse thinking inside Indonesian people is actually proper base to classify what democracy is and how should it be applied from one layer to another layer. Social flexibility prevails in Indonesia, where people can have wide choices – if they don`t fit to undergo one thing, they could easily find other more suitable community. But, how about the impact resulted from democracy? In negative way, being too democratic can also lead to disadvantage such as corruption. Yes, corruption is one example that although the country has tried to be democratic, but corruption cases increase, indeed.

Nonetheless, let`s take corruption practices in Indonesia not in a conservative judgement. This is Indonesia, a 69-year-old nation with a dream to grow and be better. It`s not the United States or United Kingdom that have existed as strong countries for hundred of years. Of course, Indonesia`s corrupting acts are a part of mistakes and a learning process to evaluate.

Democracy is not a definition; Indonesia has tried to overcome all the problems one by one practically. Indonesia has proven that democracy supports brighter changes that the country needs. Indonesia is developing and there is no doubt.

Anisa Kirana | 2014 | Published on SOROTAN Magazine – column: From the Editor (edition III/2014) | Photo credit: google

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