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Meeting with Jeane Niode left me informed about an applicable sustainability effort; Sampoerna Foundation`s student loan programme was the inspiration. Utilising the programme, young Indonesians are able to obtain higher education opportunities through 30-year loan with sustainable future impact; one student`s loan payment is used to fund another one, whom as a support receiver, he rotates the same downline system – again and again. It`s a multiplier effect that runs without limitation.

I happened to witness one international retail company whose sustainability values in environmental concern applied at their stores worldwide. The influence spreads out even to customers; one example is endorsing customers to return their empty bottles for recycling purpose and the next new products packages are made from those recycled ones. I would say, they have maintained to avoid producing new plastic materials and reduce the waste.

Such business practices of today are now being as innovative as possible to provide area of sustainable implementations; Corporate Social Responsibility has been an obligation that cannot be on the paper solely. One company may put concern to have sustainable resources, one chooses to concentrate in renewable energy, while the others think on how to sustain people`s living income. In addition, many communities/organisations have also built their platform of sustainable importance – so hand by hand, society of today has opened up their mind and realises on how this particular matter is now everyone`s responsibility. Whatever they aim for, but the world is now working together to see our children living within proper situation in the future.

People have seen the sexiest side of implementing more sustainable means, discovering them becomes a long-term trend. From different backgrounds and perspectives, today`s efforts on sustainability are without limitation towards any aspects or purposes. So, it`s not important whom we are, but we aren`t advised to limit ourselves in doing sustainable concrete movement!

Anisa Kirana | 2014 | Published on SOROTAN Magazine – column: From the Editor (edition I/2014) | Photo credit: google


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