Bugsy`s -Masculine Journey of Whiskey and Cigar

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No need to run away from the capital, as gentlemen can seize their worldwide truth of taste at Bugsy`s – Plaza Senayan. Indeed, Whiskey and Cigar bar has shaped a lifestyle trend for Jakartans.

It`s nothing but cordial drink and smoke that prevail amongst gentlemen when they huddle up. Bugsy`s is far from being hardcore alcoholic zone, as whiskey and cigar are yielded to bring their loyal guests into more pleasant and relaxing time. Whiskey and cigar complement each other; even one shot or one glass is dedicated for a rich taste when it`s combined with inhaling cigar. Fransiscus Gozal, Bugsy`s owner who met JAX directly, expressed that such combination is unbeatable enticing taste ever.

Occupying 80% of Bugsy`s offer, huge range of its whiskey signature collection consists of diversified ones in accordance to the whiskey`s regional origins. American whiskey, Australian whiskey, Hayley, Skotch, Bourbon, Rye and even whiskey from Asia such as from Japan, India and Taiwan are all over satisfyingly to be found at their cozy space. Whiskey itself has a blended type as well; several kinds are mixed using master blender to create a taste that might be trending. Johny Walker is one example of blended whiskey.

Geographical differences are the root in shaping the whiskey`s characteristics. One example can be taken from Scotland; in the production, Spey river is known as Scottish whiskey concentration area, as the water source there is an essential part for making whiskey. Discrepancy is also seen from highland produce with more delicious taste and lowland one is lighter or easy to drink.

Technically, technology to make whiskey can be brought all over the world; there has been a Japanese-Scottish couple who assimilated technique from Scotland to produce Japanese whiskey. The flavor is somewhat likeable. Meaning that wherever the whiskey technology is applied, differences in every area particularly towards what plants can be grown there will determine the whiskey`s taste.

Bugsy`s bunch of selection is also completed with French specialty – cognac, in which its family group namely carmanac has started to be introduced to Bugsy`s guests. Even though carmanac isn`t familiar yet, but having open minded customers has made it recognized. This happens because some people get bored with some flavors, so complicated taste of carmanac is perceived as a new distinctive taste.

Piquancy is then the keyword, customers` option for whiskey is faithfully because of whatsocalled taste. Whiskey`s complexity, just like wine, is no boundary to warm up people`s heart when drinking it. Taste leads to variety; as no particular product can be said as the most sellable one at Bugsy`s, but many whiskey types are always in demand. Customers come regularly to enjoy two or three kinds and return any other day choosing the previous ones; such habit occurs for some times until they opt for new ones. Fransiscus Gozal explained that since Bugsy`s has products that cannot be found at other bars, customers would most likely never resist to be curious and keep trying new taste. The trend also works for cigar preference and so far there has been zero history of having a product get discontinued.

“Many bugsy`s loyal guests are the ones with brand-minded reference in choosing their favorite whiskey, but some others are adventurers; so even more expensive new taste can also alter their preference”

Market demand in Jakarta towards whiskey and cigar can be fulfilled completely at Bugsy`s and Fransiscus Gozal is always confident to run the business. Witnessing Asian economic situation that is growing, young adults in Indonesia – especially Jakarta – have also shifted to enjoy whiskey as a part of their lifestyle and become a self-definition for those who do businesses. Located at Plaza Senayan Jakarta, Bugsy`s that opens daily with the mall and closes later than the mall`s operational hours, is a perfect place to enjoy a taste within our life journey.

“Whiskey is an inseparable part of life. Its beauty, taste and variety have to be explored as long as we can. Whiskey is broadened fantastically” – Fransiscus Gozal, Bugsy`s owner.

Anisa Kirana | 2015 | Written for JAX | Published on jax.co.id | Photo credit: foursquare

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