Kosenda Hotel – Fine Art Touch

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Fine art is usually untouchable object, where museum that exhibits it strictly forbids visitors to feel it – in actual connection. Never dream to capture the masterpiece greatness, even our standing position towards fine art object is normally guarded. Different perspective that Kosenda as a designed hotel distinctively against such mainstream behaviour.

At the hotel, guests can enjoy fine art at their closest experience; even to witness an eight-story fine wooded wall directly. Such one of a kind chance is given by the hotel`s owner, in which design and fine art are collided; leading to divergent atmosphere that combines 21st century and 1950`s architectural design taste.

“A visit to peculiar downtown hotel where fine art collides with unique design”

The hotel collaborates with ROH Projects in blending fine art into design. “At most art masterpiece display, Kosenda presents mural art form on its design originally drawn by Sanchia T. Hamidjaja – a Jakarta based mural artist who is now stepping up the ladder. And more fine art objects are soon to come on scene,” said Rachel Ibrahim, director of ROH Projects.

Speaking of the artist, Sanchia is hitting the world of art further as her pieces are showcased at public areas. “The mural art theme designed at Kosenda is basically about real life in the Indonesian capital altogether with its society inside. As a megapolitan city, Jakarta itself is vast in size and has many life segment layers; so, the inspiration from such abundant realities was obtained,” Sanchia then made it clear.

Sanchia herself drew street foods in Jakarta, people who are queuing, students at school, traffic congestion to polluted condition in this Indonesia`s capital city. There are other attractive mural art drawings such as when Joko Widodo had just been elected as the Governor, trans-gendered community on the road, civilian prevalence and even socialite exclusive group.

“So, this mural art form represents all levels inside Jakartans` real life. It was briefly explained that it is possible for this mural art form to have no end, as the ideas can always be developed. Since whatever can occur in Jakarta, then this mural art form would be continued in further,” Sanchia added up. Besides such breathtaking mural art form, Kosenda also has sticker art form created by Triadi Guntur – an artist from ITB Bandung.

“Kosenda combines the diversity of 21st century and 1950`s architectural design taste”

Kosenda Notable Series Hotel or simply known as Kosenda consists of 60 urban style rooms with their own vibes on the interior design; Petita, Comforta and Spatia are room types that are created with different characteristics. Business people, individual travellers and also families could experience Kosenda without traveling far from the heart of Jakarta, as it is strategically located at Jl.KH.Wahid Hasyim no.127 – Central Jakarta. The hotel`s location isn`t far from Sabang which is well-known as culinary centre; also close to several shopping malls and business district areas. Apsil Muhammad Gendi, as the hotel`s General Manager, asserted to show JAX crews around the premises. “Size doesn`t matter, the most essential element is our best service and the facilities offered here at Kosenda”, and he wrapped up our visit.

Anisa Kirana | 2015 | Written for JAX | Published on jax.co.id | Photo credit: google

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