Vespa Scooter Workshop Goes International Reach

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Achieving his undergraduate degree in accounting from Atma Jaya University didn`t change his interest to machine. Ever worked for accounting department at PT Tunas Ridean Tbk and at a Pertamina`s contractor on heavy equipments; still couldn`t hold him to continue professionally as an accountant. Adjie Eliazar couldn`t find himself trapped in a system, while at the same time his brain had been full of imaginary about machine. Trying to work for his machine on Vespa scooter for free, led to people`s satisfaction that shaped his mind to be focused on this. He resigned and now machine is his life, get realized on Eliazar Scooter Work specialized in Vespa machine.

Eliazar would prefer to call himself as an entrepreneur-mechanic; inspired from his (late) father who liked to take him repairing vehicles from one workshop to another since he was in elementary school. He then pursued this interest as a hobby-based activity.

Since young, if he listened to engine voice, a feeling to get calm was there. To him, machine can be interpreted as an orchestra; every single part inside cooperates with its own string section and other musical instruments. In a machine; gear box, piston, ignition and carburetor can be pictured as one orchestra, where in particular gear box is the string section and piston takes role as the conductor. They work together to support each other and finally the machine works for one goal; harmony.

The machine work that Eliazar does can also be categorized as creative work, since client can order machine restoration in a tailor-made way. Some clients can request to have the machine gets back to OEM (original equipment manufacture) or in accordance with factory`s production standard; or some others would concern more in putting accessories.

Process applied to one machine isn`t identical; the most careful one if he has to restore a unit of old Vespa in which all parts are still original. To keep the originality, disassembling parts has to be very delicate in order to avoid breaking or cracking. Not to mention its old machine of 40-50 years long, x-factor plays important role; damage in certain parts is a problem and it`s a must for him to have the original part again by searching to some sources he owns.

Make a living through this creative profession has mushrooming opportunities; everyone who`s interested to have their Vespa being restored comes to his workshop. From collector, personal user, friends, relatives and even to corporate clients. At present, Eliazar is busy working for an order from the Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM); fulfillling a request that the company wishes to have one unit vintage Vespa in type of veloce to be displayed in their office. It`s a full restoration from the body to engine; but the tone of its colour has to be the same with the airline`s image.

“Engines and music are definitely two different things, but they work in an identical way”

Eliazar`s decision to be fully serious in running the workshop has also led him to get an order from overseas. One order from Italy has just come and he`s now working on one Vespa sprint veloce type to be in full restoration. However, it`s not his sole overseas request, once he had an order to send Vespa spare parts to the United Kingdom. To him, at the first time such order appeared he was quite impressed; logically, U.K`s customers are nearer to order from Italy than from Indonesia. His customers then explained that if in overall calculated from the parts price, cost and tax spent, they are eventually cheaper from Indonesia. “It`s still cheaper including its super fast shipment, it was sent only within three days and my customer commented that even the post office in the U.K can`t match the speed. I was surprised for sure with such result of my sudden overseas order”, Eliazar added during the interview in South Jakarta.

Eliazar dreams to expand the workshop to be a specialist in vintage for two-stroke Vespa engine and to be the best restoration workshop. In addition, he doesn`t dream this without preparation; Quality Assurance is provided by him through all well-proven processes that his customers can know. Unlike common mechanic, he studies about machine from a reliable theory reference and applies the restoration after all tools are complete. So, that`s why he can fulfill the OEM (original equipment manufacture) standard; in which all Vespa scooters resulted from his workshop is in accordance with factory`s standard.

Attributing his work for his (late) father, Eliazar is sure that not only office work that can make someone to live. Being creative with a machines just like what he does can also inspire people. Especially to face ASEAN Economic Community 2015, he always keeps in mind that Indonesia as a nation should be improved in mentality side and never easily envy others. Indonesians have to get a challenge that they can do better than any others; if it`s realized, then any kinds of global competition can be defeated.

Get to know more! – Facebook: Eliazar Scooter Work

Anisa Kirana | 2014 | Published on SOROTAN Magazine – column: Signature-Creative Youth (edition IV/2014) | Photo credit: Facebook, Adjie Eliazar

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