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Jim Dunloop, a pianist, started his music career by the age of 15 in early 1990s. He first became a member of Fresh Familee – a legendary hip hop crew that was the first one did rapping in German language. In around 1994, he started to produce his own beats until long journey to reach fortunate year 2003 – as the time went by, he met DJ Marc Hype; pianist and DJ collaboration popped up creatively until now.

According to him, piano isnt only a part of his life, but it is more a definition of his entire life. Dunloop`s parents chose this particular instrument and led him to begin his classical education at the age of four; in fact, he was able to read notes before he could read letters of the alphabet. Turning 14 years old, young Jim Dunloop analysed compositions of George Gershwin and Dave Brubeck; leading to a keen interest in jazz music. He quickly developed his knowledge of the creative works of many great jazz and funk pianists; namely Herbie Hancock, Bob James, Chick Corea, Adam Makowicz, etc.

Dunloop feels that music as it is, has so far an inspiration – however, with all energy, his parents especially his father has been supporting him through all the bad and good time. He thanks this father fully throughout the amazing career. Moreover, inside his music career, an opportunity to build international networks is one of the things that makes him satisfied.

“I guess the chance to travel around the world, get contacts with other musician, fans and nice people can be moments to learn from each other as well”, he emphasised.

Dunloop thinks that both performing in huge stages and in front of small venues are fantastic. He is more dreaming to have possibility taking all his friends inside his suitcase and make them seeing the situations together; showing how Jakarta is a lot different in its weather, for example.

In Jakarta, he performed with DJ Marc Hype at JERIN Festival 2013 and the audience vibe felt almost similar like in Berlin – to him, it always depends on the venue and what kind of audience itself, no particular vibe that can describe one single performance.

Art is something that doesn`t need languages and the cultural work is the most important political work in this world. Because of art, we are able to get rid of all barriers, that is why bilateral relationship between two countries can also be implemented through it.

Anisa Kirana | 2013 | Published on SOROTAN Magazine – Column: Focus Report/Bilateral Friendship (edition IV/2013) | Photo credit: Facebook, Jim Dunloop

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