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After several years of tryouts in elements of the hip hop culture, i.e graffiti and bboying, Marc Hype found himself DJ-ing the most until today. One led to another, 1991 then became the year when he started producing until 1993 was the time his first vinyl releases appeared. 

He doesn`t only look up to a single person – but Run DMCs Jam Master Jay (RIP) was the first inspiration. Then in 1988, he saw DJ Scratch from EPMD performing a DJ-Routine at a hip hop concert in Berlin. It was a magic that made him onto decision to run his career as a DJ. In the late 1980s, DJ equipments already seemed the most futuristic instrument of that time – and to Marc, it was just fascinating to mix records, cut them up, being able to perform in a very unique and free way.

During his music career, there have been several most satisfying achievements: winning the ITF Championship titles (1998&1999), his solo album “1973*Recon” in 2003 and the long Asian tour in 2012. Even though he has performed often in many different places in the world, he also dreams to be on Burning Man Festival stage or at some island thingys. When comparing Berlin and Jakarta, he felt that there is more excitement generally in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific region.

Toward maintaining bilateral relationship between Germany and Indonesia, he ensures that it is always important for art as a development of the world in keeping an exchange of international relationships. There is much to discover and learn from each other; especially when speaking about art or music project to strengthen the relationship, recording and exhibitions development project could be some possibilities – as long as both sides get time and force an endless appropriate way. Just like JERIN Festival 2013 , where everything was well-situated and set up.

Anisa Kirana | 2013 | Published on SOROTAN Magazine – column: Focus Report/Bilateral Friendship (edition IV/2013) | Photo credit: Facebook, Marc Hype Gartner


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