Eyes on Commander Spock

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Nothing left from my Star Trek`s childhood memory, but Mr.Spock. Easy recognition, as he appeared with particular eyebrow style and distinctive ears shape, has occupied my whole attention to the character. (Late) Leonard Nimoy should`ve been glad to have Zachary Quinto continues the Vulcan`s generation. Despite significant difference on their real person facial types, but both of them performed precisely as what people expect Mr.Spock should be.

Nimoy and Quinto just happened to be born in far-distant generation gap, but they got along together as friends. However, 1930s product compared to late 1970s destiny would surely take them into their own individual circumstance. Google hadn`t prevailed in the 1960s, so people just loved the series without paying attention towards how Nimoy was in his real life. End of discussion that it wasn`t the viewers` business, as they were also in a bubble of limited information access.

Zachary Quinto, who admitted his homosexual status, should`ve faced a lot more challenging situations. It`s not only about pros and cons of LGBT, but it`s more about his prominent position as one of the most high-end actors and his natural calling to love a man. Frankly, I think there is no relevance to link these two facts! Becoming successful and receiving equal reward to a hardwork are everybody`s rights. His role as Commander Spock is still loved by the fans. Nothing changes just because he doesn`t opt to fall for a woman anymore.

No stubborn head needed to clarify whether LGBT should be supported or not. Answers would only be sociology war. Certain religious views that against it should be sacred on their place, as we can`t change them. But there`s something that people might never think: What if you guys – the straight ones – were in LGBT position? How if life changing to be LGBT happens naturally to you?. You can`t answer it right? So, stop giving bad comments. I`m straight, but I choose not to disturb LGBT. It`s their lives, their choice. And they`re mature enough to be responsible.

Eyes on Commander Spock will last long, without thinking about Zachary Quinto`s sexual preference. Because it`s just unimportant matter. Star Trek brought people to reveal alternate universe, so why don`t we accept alternatives?

Anisa Kirana | 2016 | Photo credit: Zachary Quinto`s Instagram account


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